Best of Morocco -- Welcome to Morocco!

Gateway to Morocco

The magic of Morocco can engulf the mind and spirit with its rich and storied past. From the snow-capped mountains to the dunes of the Sahara, to the beautiful beaches lining the Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean, Morocco is a place like none other. The diversity of Morocco's people are as varied as the landscape itself.



Rabat Morocco

The capital city of Morocco is Rabat. Rabat is located in the northern part of Morocco bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Here you will find such things as the Parliament, the King's Palace, and all other political buildings. Rabat is a city that is bustling with busy streets and people who need to be somewhere in a hurry. The people of Rabat may seem to be rude; however, the people are reminiscent of the people of New York City. They don't see you are there and they don't care you are there. Nonetheless, old world charm meets modern-day technology in this capital city. ...more


Casablanca Morocco

The most famous of all Moroccan cities is the city of Casablanca. A mere 57 miles (91 Kilometers) from Rabat, Casablanca is hub of Morocco's economy. Its affinity for the western culture makes people feel more at home than of any other Moroccan city. The largest city in Morocco, Casablanca is home to nearly four million people. ...more

Having Fun in Moroccan Atlas Mountains

Just a short drive south into the Atlas mountains of Morocco will take you from the warm climate of the Mediterranean to the cold and snowy region.

Map of Morocco
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Have an RSS feed you want displayed on your site?  This tool is for you!  (You can find plenty of feeds at  To use it, just input the RSS feed URL and configure the options and click the button.  The code will be generated for you at the bottom of the page.  Then just copy/paste that code into your website.  EASY AND FREE!

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  • Supports RSS and Atom feed types.
  • Javascript, PHP, or Iframe integration.
  • Configurable output options.

Advanced Style Configuration:

You can configure the output styles using CSS class "rssdog" (PHP and Javascript methods, does not work with Iframe).  For example, to make the font larger, place the following code in your HTML <head> </head> area:

<style type="text/css">
.rssdog {



  • Option to make nofollow links


  • Now supports Twitter RSS


  • Better support for ATOM feeds
  • Added option to include publish date (PubDate).
  • Moved "fetched by" link to right side (less intrusive).
  • Minor text changes


  • Added ability to exclude feed title
  • Added ability to filter by keywords

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